Cultivating a visionary vanguard of young founders solving America's hardest problems.
Discipulus Ventures is building a cohort of the most visionary, value-aligned, and contrarian student founders.

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The undergraduate innovation ecosystem is broken.

Schools like Stanford, Harvard, and MIT, traditionally seen as the cradles of entrepreneurship, are now entrenched in a mimetic cycle churning out the same companies, mostly in communications tech. They lack the willingness to discuss and tackle the problems that most need solving. This issue is symptomatic of a broader reluctance within academic circles to venture beyond the echo chamber.

Our universities are failing to serve as fertile grounds for the groundbreaking innovation our country needs. Notably absent is support for innovation beyond the stereotypical social media, GPT wrappers and food delivery apps typically found on campus.

Ideals that once spurred innovation and societal growth – religion, patriotism, family – have since lost their appeal, particularly at academic institutions.

Where are the resources for those pioneers aiming to venture into uncharted territories? And how do we inspire our most brilliant young minds to engage in these less-traversed, yet more vital, areas of innovation?


We are creating this vital pipeline.

We are building a network of the smartest, most contrarian young people whose aspirations to change the world have been overlooked by their respective universities.

We are giving them a place to identify and build solutions to our nation's most important problems while surrounded by people that can help them change our country for the better.

We are creating an ecosystem of investors, advisors, and visionaries that can help revitalize American industry at the earliest level and turn to each other for support and inspiration.


A call to contrarians

A call to the contrarians.

We are looking for founders who are —

Virtuous: Elevating student founders with a strict devotion to truth and goodness. These founders want to create products that fulfill that devotion.

Futurist: Seeking founders with a transformative vision for the future by combining their entrepreneurship, personal virtue, and obligation to our country.

Renegade: Empowering visionary founders driven by a profound desire for transformative impact, rather than mere wealth or conformity to campus norms.

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