Discipulus Cohort I
Cultivating and accelerating a visionary vanguard of young founders and entrepreneurs solving America's hardest problems.
The Discipulus Cohort program (March 25 - 29, 2024) is your entry-point into building for America. One week with 5-9 other early-stage founders building in this space, get paired with some of the best founders, and learn what it takes to build for America. Fully paid for.

Applications are now closed! Stay tuned for Cohort II

Speak with and Learn from:

Katherine Boyle

Katherine Boyle

General Partner at a16z American Dynamism

Josh Manchester

Josh Manchester

General Partner at Champion Hill

Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson

General Partner at 1517 Fund

Augustus Doricko

Augustus Doricko

Founder of Rainmaker

Qualifications for Program

Building an early-stage company in the

American Dynamism space

Currently in

college or recently graduated

Have not raised

first round of funding

Looking for

first investors and customers

Need to better understand

your industry space

After You Leave The Program

  • You will have a game plan up until you raise (if needed) with help from mentors
  • You will better understand your market with help from the best industry professionals
  • Your technology will be better flushed out because of founder + engineering mentorship
  • You will have connections that may be interested in investing at some point

Example Day Schedule

  • 06:00 Founder exercise
  • 08:15 One hour session from guest speaker
  • 09:15 Connect with your founder mentor
  • 10:00 Work/Office hours
  • 19:00 Dinner, speaker, and networking
  • 20:30 Work
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